Tuesday, September 13, 2005

13 Years in The Book of Life

The Lucky Number Thirteen

“...Í dháin, Tráifhain, Go nlaimh hIósamhain an Bhlanc sín ámma Gáiel hÍshcoúir í-Phlían. Gmeórch a dóm áuphúaidh Dhiábhól ní hAódeálhuígh ruírmhair a mó bhí mír nínoáth. Shíeann gcóa! Íath!”
"...And then, Thirteen, Jesus appears brightly (as his being) like the Morning Watch of the Horizon. Fear passes down on the Devil in the Lake of Fire forever and ever, where he passes down into."
(The Oracles of Fire)
I don't know what it is, but somehow the number thirteen is a good number for me. Today, I will be celebrating thirteen years in the Lamb's Book of Life. Now, granted, it's been a very, bumpy road since 1992, when I made my commitment to Jesus Christ at the Gospel House Church in Bedford. God doesn't turn his back on those who seek Him. Interesting to note, but my birthday is October 13 and my second birthday is September 13. Yesterday, I attended a Connection Group at the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Church in Broadview Heights. That would be thirteen years (minus one day) from the first time I made a commitment to Jesus Christ as my Saviour.
Attending the group at the church, I was striving to get involved with a Single's Community Group. That was my first choice. Not only did I want to meet people my own age (unmarried or uncoupled), my intent was to find my soulmate. Who knows, she may be there. I knew God wanted me at CVCC and I went. Mind you, I didn't realize what date it was, until later. After attending, I was disheartened to realize they didn't have a Single's Group. I sat with a "couple's group" and I felt really left out. I asked if they had a Single's Group and they said there wasn't one. "Great, I leave one church because they didn't have one, and I attend another church that doesn't have one. Is marriage and coupling a pre-requisite to being a Christian or being part of a Church?" I was crushed and defeated. I left with bitterness. A lady was sitting in the foyer and said, "thank you for attending." I was so crushed, I uttered quietly, "I didn't find what I needed." I left the Church with a tear in my eye. I walked towards my car and stopped. I quietly mumbled to God, "Don't you want me to be here? You want me here!" Also deep down inside, I knew God heard my thoughts. "I need to be around people of my same faith, so I can grow. I've spent too many years letting the seductiveness of the World writhe in me." Only he knows my true Heart. I don't even! So, I turned back around and gave a deep sigh. "I can't remain defeated like this!"
I went through the doors again, still feeling miserable. I went back to the group connection and talked to some of the group leaders. I told them what I desired and if I needed to, I would join the Single Men's Group, not the regular Men's Group (that was one of the groups on the list). One attendant led me into a room with Men, and I talked a good deal of what I was looking for. Finally, one of the men told me about Life Groups and 707, a group designed for young and single adults. He asked me about my commitment to Christ and I told him where I was with my relationship in God. In other words, I basically told him that the "world has been seductive to me." He understood what that meant, but reminded me that Christ's sacrafice was once and for all! He can't die again to forgive sin; He did it once and for all. He has been risen from the Dead and now is ascended into Heaven.
Finally, as we were talking about Men's Groups and Life Groups, he asked me about the Gospel House and Pastor Bob Sepkovich. I told him that I made a commitment to Christ on September 13, 1992, but I didn't go forward when they had the Altar Call. I did that later at a Thursday Communion Service. "Oh, wait, Sept 13, that's tomorrow amazingly enough," I mused.
The Thirteen Pillars of Nature in Elfindom
It was well known of the elves that if the thirteen pinnacles of nature were altered, there would be no salvation. “Without thirteen, there is no salvation for us,” they agreed.
(The Omen of the Winged Prophet)
There are thirteen pinnacles of nature that the elves in Arden regard. They are Air, Earth, Fire, Water, the four winds (Scourge, Restitution, Renewal and Fulness) and, finally, the four seasons (Aóicónach or Spring, Saíra or Summer, Sabha Bhelnuír or Fall, and Abhiánuír or Winter). If they are unbalanced, chaos reigns. So much is true for the number thirteen in real life...or at least so I see it. I chose to write about the number thirteen as a balance for nature.
Thirteen people were present at the Last Supper; Jesus and his Twelve Disciples. If it weren't for Judas' betrayal (the thirteenth individual), there would be no salvation for mankind. What transpired after the Last Supper is where our hope as Christian's belongs. Jesus went to the Cross (on a Good Friday) to pay for the sin of the world. In my mind, thirteen is a number attributed to salvation and hope, however, as often as so, people associate the number thirteen with bad luck. For instance, Snopes.com has something to say about Friday, the 13th. I don't see both Friday and the number 13 that way. Thirteen present at the Table; Jesus dying for the sin of the world on a Friday. Just as I have written with the elves in the Realm of Arden, there is "no hope for salvation, without the number thirteen." We must go beyond the number 12 to the number 13. There is where we find hope and salvation. "Without thirteen, there is no salvation." Just like in the Oracles of Fire, the song tells us of "Thirteen, a Saviour appears as brightly as the Morning Watch (on the) Horizon."
So, I suppose I should be proud to born on the 13th day of a month. Anyone else born on the 13th day of a month?


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My mom was born on the 13th.. but that's the only one I can think of.

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My son was born on the 13th of the month.

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