Monday, September 05, 2005

The Good ol' Midwest

"So Dave, tell me about Ohio." Jimmy James
"Wisconsin actually." Dave Nelson
"Same thing." Jimmy James
"Well, sir, the Heartland appreciates your kindness." Dave Nelson
The most unkind of the Heartland:
Today is Labor Day and the weather is very nice, however, that wasn't the case a few weeks ago. Aside from the tragedies in New Orleans and other Gulf Coast Cities from Hurricane Katrina, the weather we have here in the Midwest is generated by dry air from the west and humid air from the south. This awful combination sometimes produces this...
On Saturday, August 20th, we had one of the deadliest storms in the area. Two, twin tornado touchdowns in Medina Township near SR 3 and I-71. One tornado funnel spotted in Brunswick near Sleepy Hollow Road, and finally, this one in the picture, spotted in Hinckley, where I'm living at now. Granted, the twin tornado touchdown were classified as F1, the least hungry of the five, but the scare of a tornado is just devastating to many. The picture was taken by Justin Gilbert of Hinckley, Ohio. It was one of the funnel clouds spotted, and the events of that day were not least by me.
On that Saturday, as I was getting into my car, I heard the air-raid sirens blaring in Brunswick. I took notice, because when I looked up, I saw one of the most unfriendliest of skies ever in my life. I did not see a twister, but the sky looked dreadful and angry. Getting into my car in Hinckley, I drove to work in Brunswick. Hearing the air-raid sirens and keeping my eye on the sky, I drove carefully to work. I crossed Stony Hill Road and W.130th Street cautiously into Brunswick. Crossing the border, I approached I-71 and I swear towards the south west, I saw a twister cloud. It was probably the one spotted on Sleepy Hollow Road and Pearl. I didn't panic but I arrived to work with a certain fear. Pulling into Tony Roma's all my bosses were outside pointing in the direction of the tornado. Guests were still dining inside, but some were outside looking around. I went into work and the radio was on. Yes, four funnel clouds were spotted. Two of them being the twin tornado touchdown in Medina Township.
The events of the Saturday will forever be imprinted in my head and ominously echo a notorious re-occuring dream I have...
Re-occuring Dream:
Ever since I was a kid, I've had this strange re-occuring dream of a tornado sweeping up our house while my family and I are in the basement taking cover. There are different variations, and sometimes these dreams are appended from other dream episodes I have. Even when I don't think of the dream, I still have it.
I'm standing outside my childhood house on Lewis Drive in Maple Heights, Ohio. I look up into a unfriendly sky and spot a twister (in some variations). The winds begin to pick up and I go inside (sometimes to warn the others). Then, we all take cover in the basement. I'm holding our cat, Tigger. The next thing I know, the tornado sweeps up the house, while we all look up into the funnel. I wake up.
In other variations, I'm sleeping in bed when the tornado strikes. I go and warn the others. The same events transpire. To this day, I don't know what the dream means.
The Whirlwind (Stráubinbon):
In the Realm of Arden, the whirlwind is used in various ways. It is described as a vortex, commonly known to us as a 'tornado.' Depending on the elemental points in Arden, this vortex is manifested in many ways. When the Uísara Uír fell upon the Altar of Connaírgha in Conería as a Pillar of Fire and Smoke, many described it as the Aómma Stráubhinbon, the "whirlwind of God." Those in Conería even witnessed Óurias Noíragga going up into it.
In the Tales of the Last Guardian, Saá-Bháullstráu, lord of the seas, created a vortex into the "forgotten places," where Ví safely discarded the children of Princess Iluíra: Daídha and Mishfa. The vortex over Yaívtag was generated by Ollen to take out the unloyal citizens who plotted against the holy city of Vall. This was done after they had been turned to salt by the mystical Rock of Ecloíraith.
I use the whirlwind in many ways to describe a judgment or a change. I suppose that is what my dream may mean. This may be why I chose to write the 'whirlwind' in this way. The tornado is a feared element in our world, just like a hurricane. We don't know why they come or create turmoil, especially in recent events. Perhaps they are a sign from God. Perhaps they are a judgment or a call for change.
Hurricane Katrina:
With recent events in the Gulf Coast, as a Christian, it is hard to believe that God sent a hurricane as a judgment, but things happen for a reason. There are no mistakes in God's design. Some of you reading may retort and say, "why does God want us to suffer then?" Or, "it's God's fault for all the pain." No, no, no and no.
I'm afraid to come back and say that it isn't God's fault. Pain and suffering is brought on by ourselves. However, when tragedy does come, we can choose to say like Job, "the Lord giveth and taketh away, blessed be the name of the LORD," or we can dwell on the pain and blame God. And, there is another force at work than Holiness. The Devil is very much present in our world and he exercises his abilities to make us blame God for things when they go wrong.
You may say that is easy for you to say, for you don't know what pain is. We all deal with pain and loss to whatever extreme. It's times like those where God wants us to be more dependant upon him. He uses trial and tribulation to get closer to us. I hope none of you reading blame God for things when they go wrong. I know it is hard sometimes, but he still loves you and desires to know you better through the blood of Jesus Christ. Have a happy Labor Day everyone!


Blogger Jes said...

Wow, I'm glad the tornados didn't affect you. I've never lived in an area with tornado warnings, it must be terrible. :(

8:56 AM  
Blogger eric said...

Hi Jes. We're all ok here. It was just very scary. I've never seen a sky look so fierce before, only in my re-occuring dream. How have you been? I hope Bruce is doing better and are you both shopping for a new car?

3:36 PM  
Blogger Jes said...

Sort of.. we're getting his father's old car when he buys a new one. But his 'old car' is newer than our car was, so it's technically a step forward. :)

6:55 PM  

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