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The Ending of an Era


Beginning on July 17, 2006, I will finally be working in a career field in which I’ve endeavored for a few years now. I will be a Network Engineer (entry level) for a Wide Area Network. The company is called BroadVox and they are a Wide Area Network for telephones and the Internet. Lo and behold, BroadVox is located in the Halle Building on 1228 Euclid Avenue, downtown Cleveland. This is the same building that Drew Carey worked in (mythically) for Winfred Louder and the same building used in the opening credits to the Drew Carey Show. I think the most amazing thing though is that BroadVox is yet another stepping stone into my career on a broader sense. They actually have a lab that their employees can use for testing and taking the CCNA (Cisco Engineer). I do believe they offer other tests (at a cost) like the Network + and MSCE.

Since the beginning of the year though, I have been working part time as a Help Desk Technician at LifeBanc at 20600 Chagrin Blvd, Shaker Heights, Ohio (On the messed up Warrensville Ctr, Northfield, Van Aken and Chagrin intersection, heh). There, I work in the IT Department and help maintain their network; however, the overall goal of LifeBanc is Organ/Tissue Procurement. They work exclusively with the local hospitals and coroner for organ/tissue donation. LifeBanc was merely a stepping stone into the world of Information Technology, and I’ve learned quite a bit from my supervisor. So, I had the two jobs since the beginning of the year before graduating on June 6.

While I was working at Tony Roma’s Ribs, I continued to pursue the hope that I would be working in my career field full time one day and not just slinging ribs. That hope outshined the darkness and opened the Horizon for me – or at least I moved closer to it. On Friday, June 30th, I tendered my resignation at Tony Roma’s. Go toír sín!

Tá Míshnach górg d’Achoáin:

Á Lhuíssa Górg

g’Fíuir, c’Aíea í mhuscáil sín

Feá Aionn, bó aion na síehan.

Fhíuir 1:1-7

1Ó’ga-ruíf áal gCassaguim s’Dhroígga:

“Droígain gí hícgs go pleáfoín domh,

tdroíga gí shíeanna go líerain óil,

tdroíga gí bpangcaith forechain thírach,

í á-sashain gmeórch an tdroígain gí n’cuíc.

2Meárra plía an sín nen escalláin-nloígc dhóua an plían,

í athlas, ní lhusaith strelleás droíggadh domhain go caónn Phaíf go thrugh aál. Meár dóu, ghafhorch – dta, cóa man,

í-narch cóa órionn aion.

3Marg c’fíuir go difánn mo bhí bergcóa odacha c’aíea eóan, pó phash aál go baggain.

Hóul go muscail sín gh’chóinn odair cóa od lá Aómh n’Uísara Uír mhan? Hóul go muscail sín cóa od lá mhedía á tdroígain uílair mhan?

4Hóul chóinn odair go dhuíf abháill gceárth ní bpeárra gCroátain ó ní loggeás n-Fhaaluir mhír?

Ó hóul go dhuífain aál ní nuór uámhair óugcain níc Phlíann mhír?

5Droígain gí mhuádh gcínn go muáda mhíor, tdroíga c’ruíann an fhairesh go á-sashain. Í-narch uá, tdroíga gí hírach cáa eábhnoín shóunn, í go muscail sín an tdroígain g’ cóearta murnuíg á bhí.”

6Í Sáic Dáiodh hÁulainágh ga-loír áal:


Shíeann gCóa!

7Áugma Tuátha Órai Mheállaionn:

Lhuígh gra go líeran an Rí

Meátha gCóa

That was a portion from the “Book of the Morning.” In light of finally getting into a career I enjoy, I look back on my own writings and reflect. The Litany of Tears best comes to mind for me and amplifies my struggles to find peace and contentment in my life. The elves in Arden sought the Horizon for peace, but when there was no hope or forgiveness, they took a “path of perishing” to purge their sins or disbelief. Instead of continuing to endure in their hope or patience, they flung themselves into the sea, hoping they would finally find rest. When the Essence of Shekinya finally ceased to indwell elfin Kings, one of the openings in the Free Sea closed. This created another opening for the elves, but it was a place of uncertainity for the most part. The lesson to be learned from this is simple: Continue onward towards the horizon and don’t give up and let the sea engulf your hopes and dreams. Below, is the translation from the above. It is the Litany of Tears.

The Book of the Morning:

The Book of Water

Of fate, of destiny and forgiveness

Chapter One, verse one to seven.

Fate 1:1-7

1Let all recite the Litany having Tears:

“Tears of evil falling down,

Tears of glory rising high,

Tears of joy giving hope,

And having fear are tears of leading to pain.

2The pages of the sea are quickened in two forgotten places on the horizon,

And there in blue waters tears fall down formed by the scepter.

Two seas, give it, be there.

But there be one opening.

3What fate journeys forever becomes your whole destiny, [and] alone must be borne.

Would [or “could”] you be forgiven of your soul by the Concordant Summit?

4Could your soul find a home in fires of Hell or in the divinity of Heaven?

Or, could you find only contentment in the ever-winding path into the Horizon?

5Tears of lust covet again lusting darkness, tears of affliction are having death. However all tears of laughter are good medicine, and forgiveness are tears of mercy forever and ever.”

6And let the Choir of elves reply:


Glory be!

7Let the Congregation of men announce:

Great Waters rising on High!

Peace be!

Eric Robert Chatham


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